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108 Transmission Towers Destroyed by Vandals; FG Alleges Sabotage

Between January 2022 and September 2023, a disturbing wave of vandalism wreaked havoc on Nigeria’s vital power transmission infrastructure. According to data obtained from the Transmission Company of Nigeria (TCN), a total of 108 power transmission towers were ruthlessly destroyed by vandals across different regions of the country, casting a long shadow of concern over the nation’s energy security.

The damage inflicted by these vandals extended to critical components of the power grid, including 132kV double circuit power transmission lines, 330kV double circuit lines, and even soil excavation that posed a grave threat to the integrity of transmission towers. The Federal Government of Nigeria did not mince words in describing these acts as nothing short of sabotage.

The vandalism rampage spared no region, affecting the nation’s capital, Abuja, the bustling metropolis of Lagos, the historic city of Kano, the coal city of Enugu, and the ancient city of Benin. While efforts were underway to address the situation by contracting repairs through TCN, the extent of the damage is alarming.

A closer look at the data reveals that the Abuja region witnessed the desecration of 27 transmission towers during this dark period, while Lagos bore the brunt of nine destroyed towers. However, the situation was most dire in the Kano region, where an astonishing 52 towers fell victim to vandals. Enugu and Benin each counted 10 transmission towers in ruins.

The consequences of this widespread sabotage were felt acutely when Nigeria’s power grid collapsed not once, but twice in September, plunging the nation into widespread blackouts. Both the government and consumers were quick to attribute these failures to the deliberate destruction of vital transmission facilities.

Disturbingly, the situation showed no signs of abating in 2023. TCN reported that it had already recorded over 10 incidents of vandalism across its regions, with varying degrees of severity. Notable incidents include the massive vandalism of nine towers along the Papalanto/Abeokuta 132kV transmission line in Ogun State. This act disrupted power supply to Abeokuta and its environs, necessitating the routing of electricity through an alternate line to mitigate the impact on consumers.

Similar acts of destruction plagued TCN’s Aba sub-region in August 2023, incurring significant repair costs. The theft of copper conductors and cable lugs, along with the pilfering of galvanized bolts and nuts, further escalated the economic toll of this rampant vandalism. The Port Harcourt sub-region was not immune either, with various transmission lines falling victim to vandalism.

The Benin region also witnessed its share of malevolent acts as vandals targeted towers along the Ihovbor-Osogbo-Benin-Osogbo double circuit transmission line, severely compromising their structural integrity. Fortunately, these towers did not collapse, averting a more catastrophic outcome.

Perhaps the most alarming incident occurred on June 8, 2023, when TCN’s Benin region linesmen discovered that Towers 30 to 34 along the Benin/Ihovbor/Osogbo 330kV double circuit line had been deliberately vandalized, with their legs sawed off, posing a grave threat to both power supply and public safety.

TCN’s management vehemently condemned these acts of sabotage, which not only hindered the expansion of the national grid but also diverted resources that could have been used to enhance grid infrastructure towards replacing the vandalized towers.

In response to this escalating crisis, TCN implores host communities to actively engage in the fight against vandals by reporting any suspicious activities around transmission towers to security agencies or the nearest TCN office. The situation has reached a point where collective vigilance is imperative to protect Nigeria’s vital energy infrastructure.

The Nigerian Power Consumers Forum has also decried the disruptions to the national electricity grid and the recent spate of fire incidents around power transmission facilities. The need for swift and decisive action to curb this menace has never been more apparent. The nation’s energy security and the well-being of its citizens hang in the balance as the battle against vandalism rages on.

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