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About Now : Facebook, Instagram Restored Service.

Just a few hours after a global blackout left social media enthusiasts in the dark, the digital heavens have opened, and the Facebook and Instagram services are back up and running.

The abrupt shutdown on Tuesday left users in a virtual uproar, unable to access their cherished social platforms. Panic set in as logins failed, and profiles refused to refresh, sending users into a frenzy of online lamentations.

On Twitter, the symphony of distress played out. One user, Peace Ighodaro (@peace_igho), wailed, “Who logged us out of Facebook ooo?” Across the ocean in New York, Lidia Curanaj (@LidiaNews) concisely declared, “Facebook and Instagram down,” while a concerned Philippines-based influencer, @RealRazziebinx, mused, “Is it just me or Facebook logged me out? I guess the world is ending… see you guys.”

Relief washed over users like @RaphealMiguel, who shared a post-check moment on Twitter, ensuring it wasn’t a hack. @Avviexo was on the same boat, asking, “Anyone else’s #Facebook logged out? Can’t log back in, keeps saying session expired or unexpected error?”

Nigeria’s sports photojournalist, @PoojaMedia, empathized with the struggle: “Sessions of all Facebook accounts expired & everyone logged out. You have to log in again. Good luck if you still remember your passwords. 😭”

The plot thickened as even the seasoned @bod_republic pondered, “Facebook and Instagram down?”

But fear not, digital denizens! The glitch in the matrix has been fixed. To regain access, users need to open the apps and input their login passwords. Crisis averted, and the social media landscape is back to its lively self! 🚀📱✨ #SocialMediaRevival #FacebookAndInstagramBack #DigitalDramaUnfolds

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