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Actress Kate Henshaw Sends a Message to Nigerians

Nollywood actress, Kate Henshaw, has delivered a stern message to Nigerians who are bullying celebrities for not publicly mourning the late singer Mohbad.

In a video shared on Instagram, the 52-year-old actress emphasized that Mohbad’s passing should not be exploited for attention-seeking purposes. She stressed that not everyone expresses their sentiments through public posts, and there are individuals working behind the scenes to ensure justice for the departed artist.

Henshaw also referenced actor Wole Ojo and dancer Don Flex, who faced online backlash for their comments and tributes to Mohbad.

“Stop going around people’s pages trolling them and finding out whether they post or not. This is not about optics, even though that’s what you guys want to turn it into. You don’t know how others are involved on the back end concerning getting justice for this young man,” she said.

She went on to highlight the complexity of processing grief and how individuals respond differently to loss. She urged people not to impose their expectations on how others should react.

Henshaw further emphasized the importance of seeking genuine justice for Mohbad, while urging individuals to channel their efforts towards positive support and holding authorities accountable.

The actress said, “Stop being a Pharisee. In seeking TRUE #justiceformohbad, do not make it about you. Credible people are already taking steps in the right. Find out how you can support them positively while also holding the authorities accountable so they do the right thing.

“I sincerely pray they do. It is of utmost importance. Meanwhile, I strongly believe the father who hurriedly buried him should be questioned thoroughly, who does that?? The 3 boys who were with him in the car, anyone who had last contact with him.”

She expressed her hope for the appropriate actions to be taken and raised questions about the circumstances surrounding Mohbad’s hurried burial and the individuals who were last in contact with him.

Actor Wole Ojo faced criticism for his Instagram story post about Mohbad’s autopsy. He had written: “Buried alive? That’s the height of wickedness!!!”

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