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Adekunle’s Concern for Venita on BBNaija All Stars

Adekunle Olopade, a housemate on Big Brother Naija All Stars, expressed his deep admiration for Venita Akpofure, his love interest who was evicted on Sunday, describing her as the kindest and most emotionally expressive person he has ever encountered.

During the Lipton Ice Tea task on Tuesday, Adekunle dedicated his special shoutout to Venita, acknowledging her unique qualities. He characterized her as someone who openly displays her feelings and emotions, possibly making her one of the most emotional individuals he has ever met.

The reality TV star confessed that he often felt concerned about Venita because of her strong caring nature. He reflected on the initial weeks in Biggie’s house and how he was apprehensive about the challenges she might face due to her deep emotional connections with others.

Adekunle remarked, “I would say second chances are a blessing; an opportunity to do better and learn from past mistakes. Coming back into Biggie’s house gave me the opportunity to meet someone I would probably say is the most emotional person I’ve ever met. And also maybe, the sweetest soul. This person wears her heart on her sleeve and emotions as well. This might have gotten her in trouble one too many times. And I won’t lie, the first few weeks [in Biggie’s house] were worrisome for me. I was always scared of how much this person would get into trouble for caring so much. Because I saw firsthand and very closely how the connections she had built with people she cared for hurt her often and probably broke her heart one too many times.

“But just like the phoenix, this person rises back from every disappointment with a hopeful spirit and even more love and more words of encouragement. What a woman! This person is a mother of two beautiful individuals.”

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