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Angel and Soma’s About Future Kids

Reality TV star Angel has once again captured the attention of social media users with a heartwarming video where she and her boyfriend, Soma, discuss the prospect of having children while sharing a romantic moment.

In the video, captioned “Awww, they’re discussing kids,” Angel is seen resting on Soma’s chest as they engage in a candid conversation about their potential future family.

Amidst the intimate moment, Angel playfully shares her thoughts about their future offspring, saying, “Babe, if we have kids, their nose would be so huge.”

Soma responds with a light-hearted denial, stating, “It’s a lie, babe. My nose is fine.”

Angel goes on to explain the reasoning behind her playful remark, with Soma calmly engaging in the conversation. The endearing exchange between the couple has generated considerable attention on social media, with users expressing their delight over the sweet and candid nature of the discussion.

The comment section of the post has become a hub for fans and followers to share their thoughts on the couple’s relationship and the amusing conversation about their potential future children. Social media users have flooded the post with a mix of supportive comments, laughter, and heart emojis.

As the video continues to circulate, Angel and Soma’s relationship and lighthearted discussions about their future family have become a trending topic. Findwhosabi News will keep an eye on any further updates or adorable moments shared by the reality TV star and her boyfriend.

See some reactions below:

Joyceline Demasio: “hate watching their videos outside 😂😂😂cuz people always think I’m going crazy 😂😂they’re so cute.”

Ebube Festus565: “God of Angel 😇 locate me oooo my location Lagos Nigerian.”

ᴼᴸᴬᴶᵁᴹᴼᴷᴱ: “Angel’s diction ehnnnn😩🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰 learnt something new “recessive genes”🥰🥰🥰🥰love love her.”

CyndyBEkky: “We go help una save dis video 4 future use.”

Grace Martins: “Someone please explain to me why I am smiling.”

winnie_kuu: “real love cancels every nonsense talk 😂😂 no b ma bbe talk say she no go born.”

Joyceline Demasio: “I hate watching their videos outside 😂😂😂cuz people always think I’m going crazy 😂😂they’re so cute.”

Ebube Festus565: “God of Angel 😇 locate me oooo my location Lagos Nigerian.”

Portable sparkly: “God 🥺🥺 i need a man like soma that guy knows how to love I pray you both love last forever.”

bigmummy07: “l love watching them my somgel forever.”

Adanne Reuben: “Today is Angel’s soirée I feel Soma will propose to her and she will accept. She’s really inlove with the guy.”

ireneikeh: “I thought angel said she would give birth 🤣🤣🤣now now she have change her mind chai love na you do this one.”

4gascutieeventz: “happiness kii me dieeer… I just love dem effortlessly … the love d just flow ❤️❤️energy same same.”


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