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Blessing CEO Blows Hot On Tunde Ednut.

Controversial relationship therapist Blessing CEO has taken a swipe at activist VeryDarkMan (VDM) and his newfound friendship with Instagram blogger Tunde Ednut. Blessing CEO expressed her disapproval of VeryDarkMan’s frequent travels to London and his association with Tunde Ednut.

Tunde Ednut and VeryDarkMan recently became close friends, with Tunde even welcoming VDM to his house in London, sharing photos of their hangouts on social media.

In a fiery critique, Blessing CEO questioned VeryDarkMan’s pursuit of fame, stating that his travels and association with Tunde Ednut would not lead to the level of recognition he desires. She pointed out that if VDM had the potential to achieve fame, he would have already attained worldwide recognition during his previous endeavors, such as selling his nudes online.

Blessing CEO went further to criticize the manner in which Tunde Ednut showcases VeryDarkMan, likening it to parading a “runs girl” (prostitute). Her comments have stirred reactions and discussions among social media users, with some supporting her perspective and others defending the choices of VeryDarkMan and Tunde Ednut.

The online feud adds a new dimension to the relationships within the social media space, sparking debates about fame, public image, and the dynamics of online friendships. As the controversy unfolds, the involved parties may choose to respond or let the discussions simmer down in the digital realm.

Watch her video below…

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