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Bride’s Gown Cut With Scissors At Church

A recent video has caused a stir online as footage surfaced of a bride having some parts of her wedding dress cut off during her church ceremony. The beautiful bride, who identified the venue as the Redeemed Christian Church of God (RCCG), created a buzz as netizens questioned the unusual alteration.

In the video, a lady is seen using a pair of scissors to cut some sections of the bride’s dress. The unexpected alteration raised eyebrows, prompting curious comments from onlookers and social media users.

Responding to the inquiries, the bride took to the comments section to provide an explanation for the impromptu adjustment. She clarified, “Please guys, they complained about the back and the front being open so the fashion designer tried to salvage the situation so they won’t complain in the church.”

The bride’s statement suggests that the alteration was a proactive measure to address concerns about the dress being too revealing for the church setting. The incident has sparked discussions on social media about wedding dress etiquette and the challenges brides may face in ensuring their attire aligns with religious or cultural expectations.

As the video that occurred in church, continues to circulate, opinions vary on whether such adjustments are acceptable or if there should be clearer guidelines for wedding attire in religious ceremonies. The incident has undoubtedly become a focal point of conversation, shedding light on the intersection of fashion choices and cultural norms during significant life events.

Check out reactions …

blackeye_queen said: “At least a lady would have done it naaa, abi is it not a sin for another man touching someone wife.”

Omaegbu Praise325 said: “But why do we do the opposite of things, ur a member u knw the rules why going against it?”

justjane said: “My frnd was to gt married at RCCG, afta 1 month of marriage couselin n buyin d gown, pastor wife say dem no permit ball gown n off shoulda.”

Adedolapo said: “But you are to show your dress to your pastor prior to your wedding now Abi dem no Dey do am like that for una side.

Miracle said: “Dem nor born d person well to do dis kind thing for my wedding sha.”

beautybylove said: “Pls explain wat happened here make people no dey curse RCCG anyhow.”

ekechukwupascaline said: “God help me cause this is where my anger issue will start from what is going on its showing she is not happy sef.”

Watch video below …

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