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Civil Servants Block Abuja Ministry, Seek Apology from Minister in Protest

Minister Locks Out Late-Resuming Staff, Faces Worker Backlash

Tensions ran high at the Ministry of Works in Abuja on Thursday as protesting civil servants disrupted activities in response to the Minister of Works, Dave Umahi, locking out more than 300 staff and directors who arrived late for work. The public servants, expressing their discontent, also confined the minister to his office, demanding an apology from him.

The situation unfolded when the minister, who resumed work at 9:30 am, reportedly prevented late-arriving employees from entering the ministry for over four hours. However, after the gates were finally opened, the workers, comprising staff from both the Housing and Works ministries, refused to enter and instead staged an impromptu protest, blocking the entrance gates.

According to one of the affected staff members who spoke on condition of anonymity, the workers were taken aback by Umahi’s actions, arguing that he seemed unaware of the current hardships in the country and the fact that many employees reside in areas outside the city center.

The staff member stated, “The minister, upon resuming around 9:30 am, instructed security officers to lock the gate. Over 300 staff members, including some directors, were asked to stay outside, and even when we tried to enter, the Findwhosabi said it was on the minister’s orders, and nobody should enter the premises.”

This action led to a protest that blocked both entry and exit from the building, preventing the minister from leaving his office to receive a courtesy visit from Lagos State Governor Babajide Sanwo-Olu.

After approximately four hours of the standoff, Minister Umahi came down to address the workers and apologized, stating that he had not given any such directive. The union leaders had reportedly turned off the lights, rendering the building unusable, forcing everyone to gather outside.

Another staff member expressed their frustration, describing the minister’s actions as insensitive and highlighting that it could have escalated further if an apology had not been issued.

The minister, in his apology, promised to consider some of the complaints related to the high cost of transportation. He also urged the workers to support the transformative innovations of the President Bola Tinubu-led administration and discouraged them from participating in the planned nationwide strike organized by the Nigerian Labour Congress.

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