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Customs Seizes N1.5 Billion in Smuggled Goods, Ogun State

The Acting Controller of Ogun Area 1 Command of the Nigeria Customs Service, Deputy Comptroller Ahmadu Shuaibu, announced on Monday that smugglers operating in border communities of the state have incurred losses of at least N1.5 billion worth of seized goods by the command between January and September of this year.

Shuaibu expressed his concern over this substantial loss, emphasizing that if such an amount had been directed towards legitimate trade, it could have significantly improved the economy of the border communities and the nation as a whole.

During a speech at the Idiroko Border in Ipokia Local Government Area, where he represented Deputy Comptroller Charles Ogunesan, Shuaibu called on stakeholders, particularly the youth from border communities, to collaborate with the command in enlightening campaigns aimed at combatting smuggling in the area.

Speaking at the 5th annual symposium organized by the Ipokia Local Government Youth Forum to commemorate Nigeria’s Independence Day under the theme “Smuggling and Hoarding of Petroleum Products: Effects on Border Communities and National Security,” the Customs boss lamented the continuous attacks on NCS anti-smuggling operatives. These attacks have resulted in the loss of many officers’ lives and left others with permanent disabilities.

Shuaibu disclosed that the command had faced numerous attacks over the years, including road blockades, mob actions, and confrontations with smugglers and their sympathizers, often leading to fatalities.

He stressed the importance of youth involvement in the anti-smuggling campaign as a means to reduce avoidable deaths experienced by host border communities due to smuggling-related issues. Shuaibu noted, “It is high time we say no to smuggling considering the dangers inherent in it. It retards our economic development, hampers our social well-being, and endangers our national security. I want you to know that the security and development of our dear nation are the responsibility of us all.”

The symposium served as an opportunity to address the negative impact of smuggling on border communities and the broader national security context. The call for collective efforts to combat smuggling and its associated risks reflects the commitment of authorities to safeguarding the nation’s interests and well-being.

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