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Davido Faces Criticism Over London Meet-Up

Nigerian music sensation Davido is under fire from social media users after being spotted in London with the controversial activist VeryDarkMan (VDM). The two were recently photographed having a good time together, and the images quickly circulated online.

Davido took to his Instagram stories to share a selfie with VeryDarkMan, dubbing themselves as “freedom fighters.”


The post has ignited a wave of criticism and raised eyebrows among social media users. Some are questioning Davido’s choice of association, given VeryDarkMan’s controversial reputation. VeryDarkMan is known for his polarizing views and provocative statements on social and political issues, making him a divisive figure.

The online community has not been shy in expressing their opinions, with many users dragging Davido for aligning himself with VeryDarkMan. Some comments have raised concerns about the potential impact on OBO public image and career.

As the images continue to circulate on various social media platforms, the controversy surrounding His association with VeryDarkMan is likely to fuel ongoing discussions and debates within the online community.

However social media users have reacted to the photo of OBO chilling out with VeryDarkMan. Read some comments below..

@abigaildavison80“Nobody I mean nobody chase clouts pass davido.”

@Her_majestyjoy: “And Chioma go serve this guy food ooo forgetting is a woman hater smh ‍♀️ any man wey Dey support this guy is a big red flag cause you won’t hesitate to do to a woman what this guy did to Wunmi.” 

@diamond_foray1“Na why I no pity anybody wey drag Davido. He meritocratically deserves it.”

@dhayourcreme“FREEDOM FIGHTER !?? Misuse of ENGLISH & TERMINOLOGY ‍♂️.”

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