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Eedris: Davido Is My Odogwu Not Burna Boy

Nigerian hip-hop, R&B, and Afrobeat artist Eedris Abdulkareem, known for his candid opinions, has taken to social media to criticize Burna Boy and declare Davido as the real Odogwu.

In a series of videos, Eedris Abdulkareem expressed his views on Burna Boy, stating that the artist is not living up to his self-proclaimed identity as ‘Odogwu.’ According to Eedris, Davido deserves the title of Odogwu due to his contributions to society and various achievements.

In one of the videos, Abdulkareem addressed Burna Boy directly, stating, “You’re not behaving like an African person; you’re behaving like a (caption this). Please take it easy, dude. Wetin happen?” He went on to emphasize that Davido is the true Odogwu and has added value to people’s lives without trying to overshadow others.

Abdulkareem’s statements have ignited discussions on social media, with fans and followers sharing their opinions on the matter. While some support Eedris’s perspective, others express differing views on the declaration of Davido as the real Odogwu.

As the videos circulate, the controversy surrounding Burna Boy and Davido’s titles continues to be a topic of conversation within the Nigerian music industry. Findwhosabi News will monitor for any further developments and provide updates on this unfolding situation.

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