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Ekiti Governor Urges Unions to Reconsider Strike

Ekiti State, Nigeria – October 1, 2023 – In a recent address marking the 27th anniversary of Ekiti State’s creation and Nigeria’s 63rd independence anniversary, Governor Biodun Oyebanji of Ekiti State issued a heartfelt appeal to organized labor, urging them to reconsider their impending nationwide strike scheduled to commence on October 3.

Governor Oyebanji emphasized the importance of patience and dialogue in these challenging times, encouraging labor unions to rethink their decision to go ahead with the planned total and indefinite strike action. He expressed deep concern over the existing tension in the country’s economic landscape and the potential consequences of such a strike.

“We cannot afford to compound the already tense situation by shutting down this extremely fragile economy. It will be like cutting one’s nose to spite one’s own face,” Governor Oyebanji warned. He further cautioned that any gains achieved through the strike might be temporary and could cause significant harm to the economy, potentially with long-lasting repercussions.

The governor went on to stress the need for absolute patience and dialogue as the preferred means to resolve the ongoing economic challenges faced by the nation.

“A hot pap must be sipped gently so as not to cause more damage unto an already precarious situation,” Governor Oyebanji said.

He also revealed that both the government and labor unions have been engaged in constant discussions to find solutions to the current economic hardships. Governor Oyebanji expressed his satisfaction with President Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu’s proactive approach to tackling these challenges and expressed optimism about the country’s prospects in the long run.

Furthermore, Governor Oyebanji shared some of the measures taken by the Ekiti State government to mitigate the effects of the subsidy removal on its citizens. These measures include direct food distribution and cash transfers to the most vulnerable, as well as providing buses to staff and students, especially in the state capital, to alleviate transportation costs. He urged local governments in Ekiti State to replicate these efforts in their respective areas.

In conclusion, Governor Oyebanji paid tribute to the efforts of the state’s founding fathers and all past governors for their contributions to the development of Ekiti State.

As the proposed strike date approaches, the appeal from Governor Oyebanji adds a new dimension to the ongoing discussions between labor unions and the government, highlighting the significance of finding a peaceful resolution to the economic challenges facing the nation.

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