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Funke Akindele’s Valuable Advice to Up-and-Coming Musicians

Funke Akindele, a renowned Nollywood actress and politician, has offered valuable advice to young and aspiring artists, urging them to thoroughly study and comprehend their contracts with record labels. Speaking at the premiere of the Prime Video mini-series, ‘She Must be Obeyed,’ held at Filmhouse, IMAX Cinema in Lekki, Lagos, Funke emphasized that the series addresses issues that affect emerging musicians in the music industry.

The Deputy Governorship candidate of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) in the 2023 Lagos election stressed the importance of artists being well-informed, patient, and cautious as they pursue fame.

She stated, ““It is extremely important for young and up-and-coming artistes to ensure that they study their contracts to know the details and know what they are going through. We put out a content that affects young artistes and that is why we came up with this series so that when they watch it, they would learn a lot of things and be very careful. Young artistes need to be educated and we need to organise a lot of seminars, workshops for them to know that they are important.

“The young talents are very hungry to be seen as they want to showcase their talent but unfortunately, they don’t study their contracts, they don’t get a lawyer or families that are experienced to educate them.”

Funke underscored the need for education and support for young artists, suggesting the organization of seminars and workshops to help them navigate the industry. She noted that many talented individuals are eager to showcase their skills but often neglect to examine their contracts or seek guidance from experienced individuals or legal professionals.

“The series will teach them a lot of things that will help them grow and learn the basic things in the industry,” Funke added.

The series primarily revolves around the competitive nature of the entertainment industry, serving as an eye-opener for all viewers. It explores themes of competition, drama, fashion, and music, shedding light on the challenges faced by young talents. Funke highlighted that the series is both informative and entertaining, encouraging everyone to watch it.

‘She Must be Obeyed’ is a mini-series that delves into the lives of three accomplished music stars, portraying their rivalries and the cutthroat tactics they employ to outshine each other. The ensemble cast includes Funke Akindele, Lateef Adedimeji, Nancy Isime, Akah Anani, Patience Ozokwo, Mike Ezuronye, Rachael Okonkwo, and others.

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