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Governor Bello’s Wife Renovates School and Clinic in Kogi Community

Governor Yahaya Bello of Kogi State has officially inaugurated a school and clinic in the Eika-Ohizenyi community of the state, both of which were financed and reconstructed by his wife, Amina Oyiza Bello, through her charitable initiative, the Hayat Foundation. The governor, during the inauguration ceremony, called on other privileged individuals to contribute their resources, no matter how modest, to support the development of their communities.

The projects, the Eika-Ohizenyi Community Clinic and the Al-Dabiya Primary and Secondary School, were unveiled to commemorate the 16th birthday of the governor’s first son, Hayatula Bello, for whom the Hayat Foundation was established.

Governor Bello praised the vision of the founders of Al-Dabiya school, initially conceived as an Islamic institution but later expanded to provide both Islamic and Western education. In recognition of his wife’s efforts to improve the lives of her community members through these initiatives, the governor announced free education for pupils attending the school and pledged to second teachers to address staffing needs. Additionally, the administration committed to constructing an access road to the school and providing a bus to facilitate academic activities.

Amina Bello, the governor’s wife and founder of the Hayat Foundation, expressed her heartfelt connection to the projects, viewing them as a special homecoming. She announced that the clinic would offer three days of free medical services to the community. She emphasized her longstanding inspiration to make a positive difference in people’s lives through selfless service and support.

Mrs. Bello commended her husband for his unwavering support in ensuring the success of these projects, emphasizing his consistent dedication to her and the Hayat Foundation. She also encouraged young people to engage in community volunteering, utilizing their time and skills to contribute positively to their surroundings.

The inauguration of these projects stands as a testament to the commitment of the Bello family to the betterment of their community and the welfare of its residents.

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