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Group tells Alphonsus Eba APC head, to either account for electoral funds or resign

Alphonsus Eba, the chairman of the state ruling party, has been urged by a pressure organization called the Northern Cross River Reconciliation Movement (NCRRM) to provide a breakdown of all the contributions he got from major donors during the previous general elections.

Given that the ruling party was soundly defeated in the most recent rerun elections, as well as in the gubernatorial, presidential, and National Assembly elections, they have insisted that he should step down from his position if he fails to give a proper accounting of the various receipts.

In an announcement issued on Friday night and bearing the signature of its chairman, Mr. Bernard Injuo, NCRRM further demanded that Eba issue an apology for bringing the party to a standstill.

The organization stated that candidates for the APC made what they considered substantial payments to the party following the national elections in 2023, stating that these funds were not from Professor Ben Ayade, the state’s governor at the time.

They reported receiving a total of N200 million from almost every candidate in the state looking for party passes; the amounts ranged from N4 million to N3 million to N2 million to N1 million and N500,000.

“Senator Asuquo Ekpenyong N25m, Chief Chris Agara – N20m, Senator John Owan Eno – N10m, Hon Okon Awuna N10m, Engr. Ekpenyong Nsa N10m, Hon Legor Idagbor N10m, Hon Joseph Bassey N5m, and Hon Victor Abang – N5m,” the group revealed as the sources of more donations.

“All of these funds were given to Alphonsus Eba, the state party chairman.

It is regrettable that a year after the election, he has not provided an explanation of the funds or even a summary of the results, which showed the party suffering a crushing defeat in the northern area from whence he comes originally.
The group expressed outrage at the fact that he did not use the N50 million that was provided to him to purchase official automobiles for himself and other state party executive officers.

“This repugnant situation makes the party smell and encourages officials and members to become disgruntled, hopeless, and rebel.”

In response, Eba declared that the party’s financial dealings, including its outlays for the general elections, remain unaltered.

In a statement signed by acting press secretary Emmanuel Edem Inyang JP and headlined “Defending Leadership: A Rebuttal Against Calls for Resignation of C’River APC Chairman, Alphonsus Eba,” the party also responded, stating that Eba will not step down until his term ends in 2026.

In addition to being ridiculous, silly, and juvenile, the call for Alphonsus Ogar Eba’s resignation is understood to have come from a group of well-known cowards whose political acumen is mired in naive anti-party activities. We now consider their excesses to be a malignant tumor that needs to be removed this time.

“Critics of Eba’s leadership fail to recognize the party’s outstanding performance in the general elections and the rerun elections. In the face of significant obstacles, including this group of people engaging in anti-party activities, the APC showed tenacity and competitiveness in the state constituencies of Obanliku and Yala 11 while the APC candidate for the Akampka/Biase Federal Constituency won with remarkable ease.”

“The story of Eba’s resignation is a deliberate attempt by critics to divert attention from important issues within the party, including conspiracies, anti-party activities, and betrayals,” the party declared. They are numskulls, ignorant, backward, and skilled witchcraft practitioners.

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