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How To Relieve Sexual Tension

We’ve all been in a situation when someone attractive comes to work, and it makes us feel warm inside. Sometimes, you might want to relieve this feeling but can’t because you’re at work. Here are some ways to deal with that:

  • Massage: If you’re comfortable with someone giving you a non-sexual massage, it can help relax your body and mind.
  • Meditation: Try calming your mind through meditation and deep breathing. This can help control your thoughts and reduce sexual tension.
  • Texting/Video Chat: If you’re missing your partner, use technology like texting or video chat to connect with them intimately.
  • Get a Hobby: Engage in hobbies to keep your mind occupied and prevent risky situations at home.
  • Stay Busy: At work, keep yourself busy with tasks to distract your mind from sexual thoughts.
  • Avoid Sexual Triggers: Stay away from things that tempt you sexually, like porn or being around people you’re attracted to.
  • Exercise: Physical activity can help release sexual tension and keep you fit.
  • Consider Your Reasons: If you can’t masturbate due to specific reasons like religion, focus on your beliefs to stay on track.
  • Cold Shower: Taking a cold shower can temporarily distract you from sexual thoughts, especially in hot weather.

Next time you feel sexually tense in an inappropriate situation, remember these tips to help you manage it without getting into an awkward situation.

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