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How To Show Appreciation Without Saying Thank You

Remember the last time you showed someone you care about that you appreciate them? How about the last time you said “I appreciate you”? It’s likely been a while. Many of us don’t express our appreciation enough.

Actions are more meaningful than just saying the words. So, instead of just talking, it’s important to show your appreciation through your actions. Here are some simple ways to say “I appreciate you” without using words:

  1. Cook their favorite meal: Make their favorite home-cooked meal to show you remember their preferences.
  2. Give them flowers/ money: Flowers can brighten anyone’s day and make them feel appreciated. It also determines the tastes of people, some appreciate money than flowers.
  3. Surprise them with event tickets: Surprise them with tickets to their favorite show or band.
  4. Plan a picnic: Organize a picnic outing, showing that you’ve put thought and effort into it.
  5. Warm up the shower for them: Start the shower for your loved one in the morning to make their day easier.
  6. Bring them coffee without asking: Prepare their morning coffee as a thoughtful gesture.
  7. Create something handmade: Handmade gifts, like a craft or a special note, convey your appreciation.
  8. Wear their favorite scent: Wear their favorite perfume or cologne to make them feel special.
  9. Dress up in their preferred outfit: Wear clothing they like to see you in.
  10. Take care of their chores: Help with their chores, especially on busy days.
  11. Clear snow off their car or clean the car: Help them out by scraping snow off their windshield on cold mornings.Ifthere isn’tsnow in your region, you can wash the car for them.
  12. Warm up their car in the cold: Start their car on chilly mornings to ensure it’s warm when they leave.
  13. Send a hot lunch to work: Surprise them with lunch from their favorite restaurant at work.
  14. Let them plan a date night: Give them control over planning a date night and cover the expenses.
  15. Pamper them: Create a spa day at home with massages and relaxation.
  16. Choose their favorite movie: Pick their favorite movie for a movie night.
  17. Treat them to something they’ve wanted: Surprise them with something they’ve been talking about.
  18. Do the dishes after they cook: Show gratitude by handling the post-cooking cleanup.
  19. Listen to their day: Pay attention when they talk about their day.
  20. Remember important dates: Acknowledge birthdays, anniversaries, and other significant events.
  21. Send a gift basket: Surprise them at work with a basket of their favorite snacks.
  22. Pick their favorite drink: Get their preferred beverage when you’re out shopping.
  23. Let them have the window seat: Give up your seat preference on planes or at restaurants.
  24. Share an umbrella in the rain: Keep them dry in the rain by sharing an umbrella.
  25. Warm up their coat: Put their coat in the dryer to keep them warm in cold weather.
  26. Forgive their mistakes: Show understanding and forgiveness when they make errors.
  27. Participate in their hobbies: Join in their interests, even if you’re not a fan.
  28. Leave hidden notes: Hide notes expressing appreciation throughout their space.
  29. Intimate gestures: Show appreciation through romantic gestures.
  30. Heart-shaped breakfast: Surprise them with a special breakfast featuring heart-shaped items.
  31. Dress up for them: Occasionally dress up to impress them.
  32. Greet them when they come home: Be there to welcome them when they return home.
  33. Run them a bubble bath: Prepare a relaxing bath with candles and music.
  34. Send daily appreciation messages: Send daily texts or videos expressing your love and appreciation.
  35. Disconnect from phones: Focus on each other by putting away your phones.
  36. Never go to bed angry: Resolve conflicts before bedtime.
  37. Use manners: Remember to say “please” and “thank you.”
  38. Support their goals: Be supportive of their dreams and ambitions.
  39. Don’t force appreciation: Show appreciation genuinely, not out of obligation.
  40. Offer help: Ask if they need assistance with anything.
  41. Give personalized gifts: Select gifts tailored to their preferences.
  42. Take them on a date: Spend quality time together on a fun outing.
  43. Offer compliments: Give sincere compliments to brighten their day.
  44. Do what they want to do: Engage in activities they enjoy.

Remember, everyone deserves to feel appreciated, and these actions can speak louder than words in conveying your gratitude and love.

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