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Hunter shoots 14-year old girl dead, three arrested

Three unnamed suspects have been detained by the Lagos State Police Command after a hunter who was drunk is accused of killing a 14-year-old girl.

James Joel, a local, told reporters on Wednesday that the incident took place on Tuesday night.

At the time of publication, details surrounding the terrible incident were still hazy, but our correspondent learned that the unnamed girl was killed by a hunter riding a bike in the Orile Agege neighborhood of Lagos’s Ayinla Akera.
The girl was captured on camera lying in a pool of blood while bystanders sobbed.

According to some witnesses in the background, the crime was committed by local police officers from the Elere Police Station.

A witness can be heard saying, “Policemen from Elere; they have killed someone,” in the footage.
Another individual remarked, “They will flee if this turns into war.”

A speaker in the video said, “She was sent on an errand and she was killed.

But when called on Wednesday, Elere Station’s Divisional Police Officer, Amodu Jimoh, rejected the claim that police officers were involved in the incident.
The DPO did, however, corroborate the occurrence, saying, “On Tuesday night, our personnel were patrolling. The police officers observed some people swarming the nearby roadway. They made an effort to ascertain what was going on, then were informed that a young girl had been shot at.
They observed the body lying on the ground and It was a girl of 14 years old. They demanded to speak with the shooter. They were informed that it was a hunter with a Dane firearm. He was wasted. Next to the location where a woman is selling alcoholic beverages.

“Perhaps he was just going to remove something when the gun went off. It was probably an unintentional discharge because he arrived with a bike.

According to the DPO, the body was transferred to a local hospital, and the police tracked down the owner of the bar where the man had been drinking.

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