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I Commanded Dollar To Fall with “Abido Shaker” Power. – Odumeje

In a recent sermon at his church, popular pastor Chukwuemeka Cyril Ohanaemere, also known as Odumeje, made a bold assertion that he single-handedly brought down the value of the dollar using his supernatural power called “Abido Shaker.”

Addressing his congregation during a ministration service, Odumeje boasted of his ability to influence currency rates, specifically targeting the dollar’s rise against the naira. He confidently declared himself as the only pastor in Nigeria capable of such a feat.


According to Odumeje, he fulfilled a vow to utilize his mystical abilities to impact the dollar’s value, attributing the currency’s decline to his intervention with “Abido Shaker.”

Asserting his dominance in spiritual prowess, Odumeje hinted at future actions, suggesting he would further lower the dollar’s value and eventually aspire to hold the presidential seat.

The pastor’s claims have sparked controversy and skepticism, with many questioning the legitimacy of his supposed powers and the ethical implications of manipulating financial markets for personal gain.

As debates swirl around Odumeje’s bold assertions, his statements continue to generate interest and scrutiny both within and beyond religious circles. Stay tuned for further developments on this intriguing narrative.

Check out reactions that followed …

nwaoke_ocha remarked: “E go shock Una say na only this man amongst all the pastors for naija go make heaven”

__tobe_ penned: “No pastor try that kind!!! Ride on pastor!! Next one na Dabush Kabash! That one fuel go drop to 30 Naira per liter 😤😤😤🤣”

nosakhare2024 wrote: “Nigerians expression when Dollar was $1450 one month ago: 😩😢😭😫

Nigerians expression when Dollar is $1450 Today: 😊☺️😌😗☺️

If you know you know 😂”

sasha_itota said: “This guy is making caricature of Christianity, he knows exactly what his doing, his just a clout chaser”

makanakiiil asked: “Hahaha… Our papa, why you no fit use gandugaganduza to correct your English???😂😂😂”

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