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Ibadan Family: All Four Members Work as Vulcanizers

Omopariola Odunayo, a vulcanizer residing in Ibadan, Oyo State, shares an inspiring story of how his wife, Bunmi Olayemisi, a Nigeria Certificate in Education holder, made the transition from working in a consultancy firm to becoming a vulcanizer. In this interview with Findwhosabi, Bunmi Olayemisi narrates her journey into the vulcanizing profession and explains why their children have also joined the family business.

The Unexpected Transition:

Bunmi Olayemisi’s story is one of unexpected career shifts. Armed with an education background, she initially worked in a consultancy firm. However, life had different plans for her. She found herself drawn into her husband’s vulcanizing profession, a line of work far from what she had anticipated.

The Motivation Behind the Transition:

Bunmi Olayemisi’s decision to switch to vulcanizing was driven by a combination of factors. The family needed a reliable source of income, and her husband’s vulcanizing business presented an opportunity. She also recognized the importance of supporting her husband in their shared journey, both personally and financially.

The Role of Family Unity:

One striking aspect of this story is the unity within the family. Omopariola Odunayo and Bunmi Olayemisi’s decision to work together as vulcanizers wasn’t limited to just the couple. Their children have also become involved in the profession. This choice reflects a deep commitment to their family’s well-being and their willingness to embrace unconventional paths to provide for their loved ones.

Why the Children Joined:

The couple’s children have chosen to follow in their parents’ footsteps for several reasons. Firstly, the vulcanizing profession offers stability and financial security. Additionally, it allows the family to work together closely and share both the challenges and rewards of their business. By doing so, they have created a tight-knit and supportive family unit.


Omopariola Odunayo and Bunmi Olayemisi’s journey into the vulcanizing profession is a testament to the resilience and adaptability of individuals and families in the face of unexpected circumstances. Their willingness to embrace change and work together has not only provided for their family’s needs but has also strengthened their bonds as a united and determined family. Their story serves as an inspiration to others, showing that with unity and determination, any challenge can be overcome.

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