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Kimmy K: Burna Boy, Odogwu or Man-Child

In a recent episode of Pulse Hot Takes, popular socialite Baddie Kimmy K shared her perspective on the ongoing rivalry in the Nigerian music scene, particularly focusing on Burna Boy’s self-proclaimed “Odogwu” status. Contrary to the acclaimed title, Kimmy K referred to Burna Boy as a “man-child.”

The Grammy Award-winning musician has often referred to himself as the “Odogwu,” a term signifying a great leader or warrior. However, Kimmy K expressed her belief that, beneath the surface, Burna Boy exhibits traits of immaturity.

Kimmy K highlighted Burna Boy’s apparent displeasure with Davido’s “new cat” comment, suggesting that Burna Boy was offended by the remark but had not directly addressed the issue with Davido.

Expressing her disapproval of Burna Boy’s approach, Kimmy K stated, “he throws subs and then hides his hand.” She went on to advise Burna Boy to communicate directly with Davido if there are underlying issues, rather than resorting to indirect jabs.

This commentary adds fuel to the ongoing feud between Burna Boy and Davido, offering a glimpse into the behind-the-scenes dynamics and tensions within the Nigerian music industry. As fans and followers await responses from the involved parties, Kimmy K’s critique contributes to the public discourse surrounding the interpersonal relationships among high-profile figures in the entertainment scene

Reactions to Kimmy K’s remark on Burna Boy

5/11 outersider said: “Wait make burna come online”

J.Hoodz wrote: “Lmao, shades or no shades. You got the point. 😂”

Big Jelly asked: “Him get right to call him self any name. So why e dey pain ona. If e react now then go say na bad character.”

bona sheriff stated: “Lol.. davido is 001, burna na odogwu .. wetin una want again?”



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