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Landlord Pours Hot Water on 11-year-old Girl

An 11-year-old girl known as Princess is said to have been burned by hot water reportedly spilled on her by a landlord named Michael.

In Mowe, in the Obafemi Owode Local Government Area of Ogun State, it was reported that the incident took place on Saturday.

The sister of one of the tenants in the home, who went by the name Ejiro, claimed that after the incident, her sister had intended to vacate the flat she had rented.
She stated that this was as a result of the tenant’s fear of being physically hurt by the landlord, who allegedly beat the tenant’s mother and the girl on a regular basis while the woman (mother)

“I’m in the Baba Ticket area in Oniru Phase 3 in Mowe to see my sister. According to my sister’s landlord, he beats his ex-wife’s children. Last Thursday, I heard someone throwing fists at someone, but I initially believed it was just a routine beating.

The landlord was allegedly hitting his daughter, according to a neighbor. As soon as we arrived, we witnessed him striking her with a whip. He responded that she wouldn’t go to school when I questioned why he was beating her.

“He finally stopped when we asked him to. He continued to beat the young woman on Friday morning.

“I noticed wounds on the girl’s body this morning (Monday). I felt such fear. On Saturday, he threw hot water over the girl’s body. According to the brother of the girl, when they became hungry, they let the man know, and he then instructed the girl to start heating some water.

When the water was hot, he poured it over her body and resumed striking her. That evening, we heard her screaming,” Ejiro informed our correspondent.

She continued by saying that on another occasion, the man thrashed the girl for three hours because she had eaten bread.

When contacted, Princess’ mother, Grace Ojile, said that the father had been abusing the child all along.

“He drenched her body in hot water. It’s all burned if you look at the back. Last week, he injured her head, I only learned that. An anxious Ojile added, “I’m with her at the hospital.

Scars that appeared to be caused by the hot water injury could be seen on some of Princess’ arm in images that our correspondent was able to collect.
Princess added, speaking on Monday night from her hospital bed, “He poured hot water on me on Saturday; boiled water.”

The landlord allegedly assaulted the kid because she refused to go to school, according to a source in the Ogun State Police Command. The landlord’s motivation for the alleged abuse is still unclear as of the time of publication.

“He claimed that the girl had been spotted loitering around when she was meant to be at school and that she had expressed a lack of interest in returning to the classroom. But if she had stated so, it would have indicated a problem, therefore treating her in that manner was not the best course of action.

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