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Mary Njoku Defends Mohbad’s Widow Against Paternity Test Demands

Nollywood actress Mary Remmy Njoku has stepped forward to defend Mohbad’s widow against those calling for a paternity test for their son.

The actress took to her Instagram to urge Nigerians to refrain from making paternity test demands, deeming it insensitive and cruel to ask such a question of a grieving wife. She appealed to everyone to focus on achieving justice for the late singer and emphasized that adding to the widow’s suffering was not part of the solution.

Her Instagram post read, “It is heartless to ask a grieving widow to subject her son to a DNA test. Come on! She just lost her husband! The father of her child! Her protector and provider for over a decade! Let her mourn in peace! If you can’t support her, don’t compound her misery.”

Furthermore, she questioned those requesting a DNA test for the couple’s five-month-old son, Liam, emphasizing that if the singer never doubted the child’s paternity, others shouldn’t either. Remmy Njoku pointed out that the infant had no involvement in Mohbad’s death and called on those making the demands to leave Omowunmi alone.

“Small money don enter now and we are asking for a DNA test, just because she isn’t rich. If her husband did not doubt the paternity of his child, who are we to think otherwise? Abeg make una no let the dead para for una o! Don’t frustrate his family!! Let’s focus on getting #justiceformohbad. Let’s leave his poor widow to raise the only blood legacy he left behind, his SON. Whom he loved very much. No be the pikin kill em papa. Focus on the adults,” she concluded.

Mary Remmy Njoku’s statement comes in response to the demands of some Nigerians who are seeking justice for Mohbad. As part of their efforts to ensure a thorough investigation, they have called for a paternity test for the singer’s son. However, Omowunmi has not responded to these demands.

See a screenshot of her post below:

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