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Naira Marley Opens Up About Conversation with Mohbad Before His Tragic Passing

Azeez Fashola, widely known as Naira Marley and the head of Marlian Records, has shared details of a conversation he had with the 27-year-old singer, Mohbad, before his tragic passing.

Naira Marley disclosed that there was a time when Mohbad contemplated suicide.

During an interview with former presidential aide Reno Omokri, Naira Marley shed light on the circumstances surrounding Mohbad’s thoughts of suicide.

Addressing Mohbad’s claims that Naira Marley and the Marlians were plotting to harm him, Naira Marley explained, “I was out of the country when he made the allegations that Naira Marley and the Marlians wanted to kill him. When I got back to the country, I was just trying to look out for him. I wanted to take care of him and know the reason for the allegation. He told me it was because of a feeling he had, and that was why he said that and wanted to kill himself.”

He continued by revealing that Mohbad had confided in him, saying it was due to a feeling he had that he made those allegations and considered ending his life.

Naira Marley went on to share an incident when Mohbad’s wife contacted him, reporting that Mohbad had locked himself in and was contemplating suicide.

He recounted visiting Mohbad in the company of his parents, where he urged them to take care of him and ensure his well-being. The singer stressed the importance of Mohbad’s mental health and encouraged him to overcome his worries and negative thoughts.

Naira Marley also mentioned that he recorded a video of his conversation with Mohbad after the allegations to address the situation and help alleviate the singer’s concerns.

He said, “When I visited him in the company of his mum and dad, I went to see him in the room. He said only his mum and dad knew what was wrong with him. His mum and dad said they wanted to take care of him, and I begged them to take care of him and not allow anything to happen to him.

“The reason why I made a video of my conversation with him was after the allegation, and his girl called me that he locked himself up and wanted to kill himself.

“When I spoke with him. He later apologised. And he said he was feeling paranoid that was the reason. I spoke to him to free his mind of worries and negative thoughts.”

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