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Nation Mourns as 16 Soldiers Fall in Ambush

In a tragic turn of events, the nation mourns the loss of 16 Nigerian Army personnel who were brutally killed during a peace mission to the Okuama community in Delta State. President Bola Tinubu and the Senate have called for swift action to apprehend the perpetrators and ensure justice is served. Here’s a breakdown of the situation:

The soldiers were ambushed while on a peace mission to resolve a communal land dispute between Okuama and Okoloba communities. The assailants mercilessly attacked the soldiers, resulting in the death of a commanding officer, two majors, one captain, 12 soldiers, and one civilian.


President Tinubu issued a statement vowing retribution against the cowardly offenders responsible for the heinous crime. He granted full authority to the Defence Headquarters and Chief of Defence Staff to bring the perpetrators to justice. The Senate, through Senator Abdulaziz Yar’Adua, extended condolences to the military and pledged unwavering support for investigations into the incident.

Retired army generals, civil society organizations, and other stakeholders joined in condemning the killings and called for swift prosecution of the culprits. Lt. Gen. Tukur Buratai (retd.) described the incident as monstrous and called for severe punishment for the perpetrators. Senator Joel-Onowakpo Thomas condemned the crisis and urged a peaceful resolution to the communal dispute.

Amnesty International’s Isa Sanusi called for a fair investigation and emphasized the need for military actions to adhere to human rights laws. Debo Adeniran of the Centre for Accountability and Open Leadership criticized the military’s response, highlighting failures in intelligence gathering and safeguarding personnel.

Urhobo elder statesman David Emeneh accused the military of carrying out mass killings and warned against further escalation. Prince Pureheart Kpeyi of the Urhobo Youth Association emphasized the community’s commitment to peace and urged against judging the entire region based on the actions of a few.

Chief Edwin Clark of the Pan-Niger Delta Forum condemned the killings as a dastardly act and called for a thorough investigation without exceptions.

The nation awaits further developments as investigations into the incident continue, with stakeholders emphasizing the need for justice, accountability, and a peaceful resolution to communal conflicts. As Nigeria mourns the loss of these brave soldiers, the call for justice echoes loudly, urging all parties to work together to prevent further bloodshed and foster lasting peace in the region.

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