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Nicki Buys Benz After Released From Prison

In a surprising turn of events, popular TikTok influencer Nicki Dabardie has made headlines again, this time for celebrating her release from prison with the purchase of a brand new Mercedes Benz, reportedly costing millions of naira. The influencer had faced legal troubles after a clash with Gift Camille, ex-girlfriend of Nigerian artist Lil Frosh.

Several weeks ago, Nicki Dabardie found herself behind bars due to complications surrounding her failure to meet bail conditions following the clash with Gift Camille. However, upon her release, she took to Instagram to share the exciting news of her new luxury car acquisition.

In a video posted on her Instagram story, Nicki Dabardie can be seen celebrating as she unveils her new Mercedes Benz. The caption accompanying the post read, “TF you gon say now though? From prison to new Benz.”

In a follow-up audio, she humorously stated, “Public announcement, guys, mind the way you walk on the street, we no dey hold break I be assistant driver. We dey even dey hold hospital bills in case we jam you.”

The post has sparked mixed reactions on social media, with some users welcoming Nicki Dabardie back from prison and expressing admiration for her latest acquisition, while others criticize the move as flaunting wealth in the face of recent legal issues. The TikTok influencer continues to be a topic of discussion as netizens share varying opinions on her extravagant celebration post-prison.

tonia.gram_ said: “Shalli entered prison and became popular. Nelson Mandela became president too. What’s stopping you from going to prison? Yes you! 🌚.”

___coco__kokolet noted: “That voice note wasn’t necessary. Don’t let the devil prey on the words of your mouth.”

___araoluwa___ opined: “The other Barbie go buy GLE next week😂🤣🤣.”

princesx__x_ wrote: “Who go arrest me ??”

Watch the video below …

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