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Nigeria Facing Maximum Destruction Under Tinubu – Abure, LP National Chairman

Julius Abure, the National Chairman of the Labour Party (LP), has launched a scathing attack on the leadership of President Bola Tinubu, accusing the government of wreaking havoc across all sectors in the country. In a passionate plea, Abure called on opposition parties and the Nigerian masses to rise against the prevalent bad governance.

Expressing his dismay, Abure highlighted the alarming retrogression evident in all development indices. He cited the pervasive hardships of hunger, insecurity, economic downturn, and political opportunism as taking a severe toll on innocent citizens.

Speaking in Lagos during a conversation with journalists, Abure emphasized that merely capturing power is insufficient; it is the responsible use of that power that truly matters. He critiqued the inability of the current government to address pressing issues such as security challenges, infrastructure development, and economic stability.

“In all ramifications, the Tinubu-led APC government is a failure, and the Nigerian masses have never had it as bad as this,” Abure declared. He drew attention to the embarrassing situation where Nigeria, despite its resources, is receiving aid from war-torn Ukraine.

Abure asserted that the Labour Party is uniquely positioned to bring about positive change and restore hope to the nation. He encouraged Nigerians not to be passive or succumb to endorsing bad leadership for temporary gratification.

“As a people, we need to reorient ourselves. There is this challenge of followership, where the people know who their problems are but still go along to hail them, glamorise, and sing their praises,” Abure stated, calling for a united front against the present government.

Despite acknowledging the presence of moles within the LP, Abure assured that the party’s leadership remains focused on delivering solutions to tackle the challenges facing Nigeria. He expressed confidence that the LP would emerge victorious in the next general election in 2027, urging Nigerians not to lose hope in the face of adversity.

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