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Nigerian Kids’ Thoughts on Independence Day and the Future”

As Nigeria celebrates its 63rd independence anniversary, a diverse group of children from various backgrounds and regions share their thoughts on what Independence Day means to them and their expectations for the future of their country.

Esther Kelvin-Onyemaechi (11 years old)

Esther defines Independence Day as the day Nigeria became free from colonial rule and marks it with prayers and family time. She hopes for a better economy, employment opportunities, infrastructure development, and a corruption-free Nigeria.

Faaezah Onaolapo (14 years old)

Faaezah dreams of Nigeria becoming a developed country with quality education, electricity, and improved infrastructure. She emphasizes the need for better conditions in public secondary schools to provide quality education to the masses.

Prince Alfred (10 years old)

For Prince, independence signifies Nigeria’s freedom from British colonial rule. He looks forward to celebrating it by watching the military parade at Murtala Square and envisions Nigeria becoming like Canada.

Blisse Abiodun-Ojo (9 years old)

Blisse sees independence as a day for Nigeria to celebrate its freedom from British colonialism. Last year, she marked it by creating Nigerian flags with her schoolmates and visiting an orphanage. This year, she hopes to visit an amusement park and help those in need.

Modebare Ajiboye (10 years old)

Modebare celebrates independence by wearing cultural attire and taking part in school activities. He desires a Nigeria with peace, prosperity, and no corrupt leaders, emphasizing the importance of security.

Atiyyatullah Oloso (15 years old)

Atiyyatullah believes Nigeria isn’t progressing well economically compared to other countries that gained independence around the same time. She wishes for a country that supports its citizens, focusing on education, social welfare, healthcare, and employment.

Owoyele Romilayo (12 years old)

Romilayo considers independence as a day of liberation from British colonialism. She plans to attend an Independence Day service wearing green and white attire. She dreams of a Nigeria with good governance and maximum security.

Eniola Olatunji (10 years old)

Eniola defines freedom as the ability to make decisions for oneself. She marked Independence Day last year with family fun and intends to pray for Nigeria and spend time with her family this year. She envisions a Nigeria with love, peace, and justice.

Mustapha Balogun (9 years old)

Mustapha’s mother explained the significance of independence as Nigeria’s liberation from British control. He celebrated by wearing traditional attire and visiting a park last year. This year, he plans to attend an Independence Day service and hopes for a Nigeria that serves its people, young and old.

Charles Ndukauba (16 years old)

Charles, an Ambassador at the National Children’s Parliament, views independence as a monumental event marking the end of colonial rule and the start of self-governance. He celebrated last year by visiting maternity and orphanage centers, and this year, he plans to hold discussions with fellow Parliament members about contributing to Nigeria’s greatness.

These young voices represent a diverse spectrum of hopes and dreams for Nigeria’s future, emphasizing the importance of education, security, good governance, and a corruption-free society. As Nigeria marks its independence, the aspirations of its youth hold promise for a brighter tomorro

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