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Nigerians in open Polyamorous Love Spark Debate

The celebration of a polyamorous relationship by software entrepreneur Ezra Olubi and his partners has sparked reactions from Nigerians on social media. Polyamory, defined as having multiple consensual and honest romantic or sexual relationships simultaneously, has been a subject of discussion as the individuals involved openly shared images of their unconventional relationship.

Ezra Olubi and his partners chose to celebrate their polyamorous lifestyle by sharing pictures online, leading to various reactions on the platform. Polyamory is characterized by mutual respect, trust, and honesty among all partners involved, allowing individuals to have multiple romantic or sexual connections simultaneously.

The post has likely generated discussions on societal norms, relationships, and personal choices, with Nigerians expressing diverse opinions and perspectives on the matter. Polyamorous relationships challenge traditional views on monogamy, and the public sharing of such experiences may contribute to ongoing conversations about alternative relationship structures.

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