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Nigeria’s Significance Undeniable, Tinubu Tells Global Leaders

President Bola Tinubu emphasized the significance of Nigeria on the global stage, warning that neglecting the country could have dire consequences for the world. He made these remarks during a meeting with United Nations Secretary-General António Guterres at the UN Headquarters Office in New York City.

Tinubu stressed that the lofty ideals expressed by world leaders at the United Nations General Assembly needed to be translated into action. He stated, “The world will ignore Nigeria at its own peril. If we engage in talk shops as real challenges wreak real havoc in real-time, we will fail.”

The Nigerian leader called for a transformation of the United Nations from a talk-oriented institution into a center for coordinated global action. He expressed concern that a significant portion of resources allocated to the world’s poorest countries was spent on overheads and administrative costs, rather than addressing the actual needs of these nations.

Tinubu emphasized the urgency of addressing poverty and security challenges in Africa through close collaboration and immediate action. He shared his personal experience of overcoming poverty and his determination to eradicate poverty in Nigeria.

He also asserted that African nations would no longer tolerate wealthy and powerful nations using human rights advocacy to hinder developing economies from dealing decisively with illicit resource extraction and arms smuggling that destabilize the continent.

In response, UN Secretary-General Guterres acknowledged the need for UN reforms that address institutional weaknesses and empower the developing world. He expressed support for Tinubu’s presidency and Nigeria’s role in the sub-region, especially amid recent military coups in West Africa.

Guterres concluded by stating, “Your success is Africa’s success, and we wish you well.”

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