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NLC Gears Up for Nationwide Strike; FG Talks Set for Monday

State chapters and affiliate unions of the Nigeria Labour Congress (NLC) are actively preparing for a potential nationwide strike following the recent expiration of a 21-day ultimatum issued to the Federal Government. The primary demand behind this ultimatum is the provision of palliatives to alleviate the economic hardships caused by the removal of fuel subsidies.

Initially, organized labor conducted a two-day warning strike to emphasize their demands. Following this warning strike, the NLC extended the ultimatum by 21 days, which ultimately expired on a Friday. Consequently, the NLC has scheduled an emergency meeting for its National Executive Council (NEC) on the upcoming Tuesday to determine the next course of action. The meeting will be held virtually, and its outcome will be crucial in shaping the future actions of the NLC.

In a notice dated September 22, 2023, the General Secretary of the NLC, Emmanuel Ugboaja, emphasized the importance of attendance by the Presidents, General Secretaries, and Treasurers of affiliated unions at this upcoming NEC meeting.

In anticipation of the NEC’s decision, various state chapters of the NLC have expressed their readiness to mobilize and actively participate in a strike if the NEC ultimately resolves to declare one. This collective action, if endorsed by the NEC, is seen as a potent mechanism to exert pressure on the government to address the legitimate concerns raised by the labor force.

In an effort to forestall the looming strike, it has been reported that the Federal Government is contemplating another meeting with labor leaders, possibly scheduled for the following Monday. The primary objective behind this endeavor is to prevent an abrupt economic shutdown, emphasizing the necessity of fostering mutual understanding, particularly in light of recent salary increments for junior lecturers.

As events continue to unfold across various states, here are the sentiments expressed:

Ekiti State: The NLC chapter in Ekiti State has confirmed its unwavering commitment to fully engage in the strike action if the NEC gives it the green light.

Gombe State: The Gombe State chapter is firmly resolved to comply with the strike directive should it be issued by the NEC.

Sokoto State: Similarly, the state chapter in Sokoto is awaiting the official directive from the national headquarters and will promptly join the strike if so instructed.

Plateau State: Members of the NLC in Plateau State have conveyed their willingness to adhere to the decision made by the NEC concerning the strike.

Benue State: The NLC in Benue State stands ready to comply with any directive emanating from the national secretariat.

Kano State: The Kano State chapter is committed to abide by the decision taken by the NEC pertaining to the strike.

Niger State: The NLC in Niger State is fully prepared to comply with the directive issued by the national leadership of the organization.

Zamfara State: The Zamfara State chapter has publicly affirmed its readiness to embark on a strike action if given the directive by the national body.

Yobe State: Workers in Yobe State have expressed their unwavering readiness to engage in the strike if it is sanctioned by the national NLC.

Rivers State: The NLC chapter in Rivers State has affirmed its complete compliance with any national directive in the event of a strike declaration.

Bayelsa State: The Bayelsa State chapter has assured that it will mobilize its members to actively participate in any strike action declared by the national leadership.

Akwa Ibom State: Akwa Ibom State NLC has made it clear that there is no scenario in which they would shun the strike if it is declared following the official meeting.

Adamawa State: The NLC in Adamawa State has urged the public to lend their support to labor leaders and adhere to any decisions made for the betterment of Nigerians.

Kaduna State: The Kaduna NLC has reiterated its status as an integral part of the NEC, emphasizing that all decisions taken by the council are binding on all state councils.

Abia State: The NLC in Abia State has affirmed its commitment to join the strike if directed to do so by the national secretariat.

Kebbi State: The Kebbi State chapter has stated its intent to abide by the decisions reached by the national headquarters.

Taraba State: Taraba State is prepared to join the strike once it receives an official communication from the national union.

Oyo State: The Oyo State chapter has opted not to preempt the outcome of the Tuesday meeting and will align its actions with the NEC’s decision.

Ondo State: The NLC in Ondo State is awaiting the outcome of the NEC meeting before determining its course of action.

Katsina State: Katsina State will await the decision of the NEC before making any decisions.

Lagos State: The NLC in Lagos State will determine its stance after the Tuesday meeting.

Edo State: The Edo State chapter has yet to receive any directive on the matter.

Delta State: Delta State NLC will comply with the decision taken at the NEC meeting.

In summary, NLC chapters across states stand ready to heed the national directive and participate in the strike if deemed necessary by the NEC. The outcome of the NEC meeting will play a pivotal role in determining the course of action.

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