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PDP Leader Discusses Party Issues and Political Landscape

Chief Rahmon Owokoniran, the South-West General Secretary of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), recently shared his insights on various party and political matters. Owokoniran discussed his past experiences and offered his perspective on the state of politics in Nigeria.

On His Relationship with President Bola Tinubu: Owokoniran clarified that there is no rift between him and President Bola Tinubu, his former boss when Tinubu was the governor of Lagos State. He explained that his decision to leave the party at the time was based on differences in principles and decision-making processes within the party.

On the Root of Nigeria’s Leadership Problems: Owokoniran expressed his belief that Nigeria’s leadership challenges stem from a lack of true belief in democracy among the country’s leaders. He noted that democracy in Nigeria has not been adequately developed to reflect the true principles of the system. Leaders often come to power without clear ideologies and instead focus on personal interests, which, in turn, leads to discontent among the population.

On the Role of the Military in African Politics: He acknowledged that the military has played a significant role in African governance due to dissatisfaction with civilian leadership. When civilian leaders fail to serve the interests of the people, it creates opportunities for military intervention.

On Atiku Abubakar’s Appeal to the Supreme Court: Owokoniran emphasized the importance of Atiku Abubakar’s appeal to the Supreme Court following the verdict of the Presidential Election Petitions Court. He believes that challenging the decision is necessary for democracy and the rule of law. He highlighted concerns about the judgment and the need for corrections to ensure fairness in the electoral process.

On Nyesom Wike and Party Loyalty: Regarding Nyesom Wike’s actions during the presidential election, Owokoniran suggested that party loyalists may act against the party for various reasons, not necessarily selfish ones. He acknowledged that party discipline and internal matters must be addressed, but decisions may take time.

On Judicial and Electoral Reforms: Owokoniran expressed skepticism about the effectiveness of reforms, particularly if conducted by the same individuals who are part of the existing system. He criticized certain rulings and called for the judiciary to focus solely on evaluating the legitimacy of elections rather than influencing outcomes.

On Bola Tinubu’s Campaign Promises: Regarding Bola Tinubu’s campaign promises, Owokoniran admitted that he was not aware of many of them due to his absence from the campaign platforms. As a result, he couldn’t offer an assessment of Tinubu’s capacity to deliver on those promises.

On His Future in Politics: Owokoniran expressed his desire to remain active in politics, using his experience to benefit his party. However, he clarified that his focus would not be on contesting elections but on taking on responsibilities he can handle to contribute to the development of the political landscape.

In this interview, Chief Rahmon Owokoniran provides insight into various aspects of Nigerian politics and the challenges facing the country’s leadership.

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