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Portable’s Baby Mama Vows To Expose Secrets.

In a surprising turn of events, Portable, a well-known singer, is now at the center of controversy as his baby mama took to social media to accuse him of neglecting their child and failing to provide necessary financial support.

The unidentified baby mama claimed on various social media platforms that Portable has been untruthful about fulfilling his parental responsibilities. She expressed frustration over his alleged failure to send money for their child’s upkeep, revealing that the last financial contribution from the singer was made six months ago.

Adding to the allegations, Portable’s baby mama disclosed that he purportedly provides financial support to children from his other relationships, raising questions about the differential treatment of their own child.

In a bold statement, she declared, “I will soon expose Portable and all his secrets,” hinting at a potential revelation that could bring to light undisclosed aspects of the singer’s personal life.

The accusations have sparked interest and speculation among fans and the public alike, as Portable, a prominent figure in the music industry, now finds himself under scrutiny for alleged neglect and financial lapses towards his child. As the situation unfolds, the public eagerly awaits further details and potential revelations promised by Portable’s disgruntled baby mama.

Read some comments below:

ladyque_1 said: “The real housewives of sango”

donaldmgb6 said: “Sis, just put the whole situation into the hands of God, you will see changes .1 also advise that you visit Yul Edochie Church programmes for faster answers .It is well.”

thatsandybabee said: “You decided to have a baby for a man with countless baby mums and have the audacity to complain,..some of you are definitely not loved at home and it’s war yuck”

andybank2 said: “I blame some men by giving hookup girl Belle”

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