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Portable’s Wife Blast And Warned Bobrisky Amidst Feud

Tensions escalate in the Nigerian entertainment scene as the wife of singer Portable fires a stern warning at socialite Bobrisky following a heated exchange between the two personalities.

The feud erupted into a full-blown war of words after Portable and Bobrisky engaged in a fiery exchange, trading insults over undisclosed grievances.

In a bold move, Portable’s wife took to social media to address Bobrisky directly, issuing a clear warning to refrain from mentioning or insulting her sons. In a firm statement, she asserted her unwavering stance against any harm coming to her children.

“I don’t use my son to play games with any of you. Nothing must happen to my son, Bro or sister Bobrisky,” she declared, expressing her disdain for reckless remarks made by the socialite. “If you have issues with anyone, address them directly. What do you mean by something will happen to his son? Do you want God to punish you? Are you mad?”

The impassioned plea from Portable’s wife has sparked widespread attention across social media platforms, with users flocking to the comment section to express their opinions on the matter.

As the feud continues to unfold, the Nigerian entertainment industry remains captivated by the escalating tensions between Portable, Bobrisky, and now, Portable’s resolute spouse. Stay tuned for further developments in this unfolding saga.

See some reactions below: 

Babatunde James748: “we should alway reason before we talk or comment….. Good talk jare iya mi God will protect those children against evil forces.”

Nini: “Iya akoirede nothing will happen to your child ijn.”

Joseph Efrebor Eguab: “God bless you. Your Children will not die in Jesus name.”

Prophet Timothy Michael: “nothing go happened to children in Jesus name.”

ADESINA JONATHAN ALASE: “don’t mind brother idrii eniti o ni iru eni kolemoyi eni oriwon tidaru.”

user1688580423985: “Don’t mind the warey! Nothing will do your child. Ogun ma pa bobrisky.”

user2180514030386: “why you no caution the goat wey you born for to control his mouth.”


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