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Prophet accused of Dodging Rent using Charms and Live lizard

A Prophet has allegedly avoided paying rent for six months using charms and a live lizard.

Madzibaba Simbarashe Comrade Chinyanga, a prophet from Zimbabwe, has been charged with employing creative means to avoid paying the equivalent of six months’ worth of rent.
It was claimed that anytime rent was due, he employed charms and even a live surveillance lizard to terrify his landlord.

The landlord, who had become tired of the Prophet’s pranks, asked a neighbor for help, who was then attacked by Madzibaba Simbarashe. As the assault failed, that ultimately proved to be the straw that broke the camel’s back.

Residents acted after the landlord reported the incident to the police. They challenged Madzibaba Chinyanga and demanded that the police find the equipment used in his mysterious trade. His possessions were eventually removed from the property by the determined residents, who also succeeded in evicting him.

Due to the circumstances, Madzibaba Chinyanga’s wife was also forced to move their things and find new housing.

He was then held at St Mary’s Police Station on assault-related offences. According to a neighbor who spoke with the press,

“He wasn’t paying rent, using his influence to inflict his landlord’s bad luck since he was a small child after his parents passed away. We do not want him to return to our community since he has shattered many families with his lies”.

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