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Sarah Martins : I Got N800,000 For Being Cute

Nollywood actress Sarah Martins recently took to her Instagram page to share a delightful experience, revealing that she received a generous gift of N800,000 from a fan of VeryDarkman simply for looking cute.

In her Instagram post, Sarah Martins disclosed that she had left a comment on VeryDarkman’s page. Subsequently, one of VeryDarkman’s fans viewed her Instagram stories and was impressed by her dress sense, leading to a compliment.

Surprisingly, the fan went above and beyond, offering to contribute more money for Sarah Martins to acquire additional pieces of the dress to continue looking good. To the actress’s amazement, she received a credit alert of N800,000 from the generous fan.

The actress expressed her gratitude in the post, sharing the unexpected and heartwarming gesture from the fan. The revelation has since sparked conversations on social media, with fans and followers commending the fan’s generosity and celebrating the positive energy within the online community.

As Sarah Martins continues to bask in the joy of this unexpected gift, the story has become a topic of admiration and discussion within the entertainment and Nollywood circles. Findwhosabi News will stay tuned for any further updates on this heartwarming incident.

Sarah Martins wrote:

“So yesterday, as usual, I dropped a comment on my fav’s page @verydarkblackman and a lot of people liked the comment and engaged on it….A fan of VDM viewed my IG story status for the first time and liked my last video (attached to the post). Him: I like your dress sense.

“Me; Him: lol send me your domiciliary account lemme send u some money to buy more of it. I sent him my business dollar account but I ended up receiving the money in naira 800k just for looking cute????? Wow…. Thank you. Who dey sell black jeans and black shirts biko.”

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