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Soso Soberekon Sees Womanizing as Achievement

Music executive Soso Soberekon has taken to social media to share his perspective on the notion of viewing womanizing as an achievement. In a post on his Instagram page, Soso Soberekon suggests that when the devil intends to completely ruin a man, he influences him to see womanizing as a form of accomplishment.

The concise statement posted by Soso Soberekon emphasizes the negative impact of such a mindset, implying that it is a destructive belief that can lead to a person’s downfall. While the post doesn’t provide detailed context, it highlights the music executive’s stance on the spiritual and moral implications associated with viewing womanizing as an achievement.

Soso Soberekon’s message has sparked discussions among social media users, with some agreeing with the sentiment and others expressing their own perspectives on the topic. The post reflects a broader conversation about societal values, relationships, and the influence of external factors on individual beliefs.

Check out some reactions below

liliandinma said: “😂😂😂 for this valentines 💝 ❤️ day? 😂😂 happy valentines @sososoberekon”

esan_doctor noted: “Another Banger 🔥🔥😂😂”

joyfulnex wrote: “You always making sense in a funny way. Happy Valentine’s Day ❤”

louishushgbago penned: “This odogwu keep talking women every time 💨😂😂”

donwilly01 stated: “Na So So Sososoberekon quotes me I just Dey wait for always”

special_omon1 said: “To the men that stick with one babe may you’ll live long 🙌….”

nosadeborah penned: “Truth 👏👏👏 stay with one woman and enjoy peace of mind”

problematic_pro stated: “Ones a man start womanizing, hin life go dey spoil small small. Speaking from experience”


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