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Suspected Sellers of Dead Cow Meat Under NSCDC Custody in Gombe

The Commandant of the Nigeria Civil Defence Corps, Gombe State Command, Muhammad Bello, has paraded no less than eight suspected members of a dead meat ring for allegedly selling dead cow flesh to unwary locals.

Bello claimed that the eight-person gang is made up of a woman from Delta State named Mary Paul and seven men who are experts in buying and selling dead meat to consumers after roasting it.
Paul grilled the meat and the bush meat before bringing it to the market, where the unwary public purchased them from her boys.

The Commandant stated that the gang had conducted business over the previous two years and said that the suspects continued their operations despite health risks through the Corps’ Public Relations Officer, Saad Buhari.
They specialize in selling dead meat, particularly that of cows, he claimed. They had been doing this for the past two years when actionable intelligence caused their good fortune to run out. 

A woman by the name of Mary Paul, from Mammy Market Gombe, served as the syndicate’s leader. She prepares the meat and sells it to the general people, who are not aware of the meat they are purchasing.

In response, Paul said she had been in the business for more than two years following the death of her husband, adding that she had purchased a full dead cow for between N30,000 and N40,000.
The 40-year-old woman claimed that before being detained by Corps agents, she was told that a cow had fallen into a well.

“I’m from Delta State; I’ve been in Gombe for two years,” the mother of four proclaimed. We went shopping after hearing that a cow had fallen into a hole. I made an effort to oversee both the business and the roasting of bush meat.

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