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The Negative Effects of Surrogacy: A Closer Look

Surrogacy, where a woman carries a baby for someone else, can bring happiness to couples who can’t have kids. But it can also have downsides. Let’s explore some of the problems with surrogacy in simpler terms.

  1. Emotional Challenges for Surrogate Moms

Surrogate moms can find it really tough emotionally. They might grow close to the baby they’re carrying, making it hard to say goodbye after birth. This can lead to sadness and even feeling really down sometimes.

  1. Surrogacy Ethical Concerns

Some people worry that surrogacy isn’t right because it treats pregnancy like a business deal. It can also be unfair if surrogates don’t get treated well or paid enough. Plus, the power balance between surrogates and the parents can be uneven, which isn’t good.

  1. Health Risks for Surrogates

Being pregnant can be risky, and surrogates aren’t immune to those risks. They might have health issues like diabetes or high blood pressure. They also have to take medicines that can have side effects and affect their health in the long run.

  1. Family Struggles

Surrogacy can be hard on families. For surrogates, it’s not easy to manage their family while helping another family have a baby. For parents who want a baby through surrogacy, it can be emotionally tough and affect their relationships with others.

  1. Legal Confusion

Surrogacy laws are different in various places, which can be confusing. This can lead to legal fights about things like who the baby really belongs to and who has to pay what.

  1. Child Questions

Kids born through surrogacy might have questions about where they come from. This can make them feel confused or different. Parents have to be ready to help their kids understand and feel okay about it.


Surrogacy can bring happiness to many, but we can’t ignore its problems. We need to think carefully about surrogacy’s emotional, physical, and ethical issues. Everyone involved, from the surrogates to the parents to the people making the rules, should work together to make surrogacy better and safer for everyone.

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