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Things To Look out For Before Having A Baby

Talking to parents, you might hear that having kids is incredibly fulfilling. Some even say it’s what they were meant to do. But let’s not be too quick to believe that.

If someone claims that their greatest achievement is having children, they’re probably not being entirely honest. Raising kids is tough and definitely not for everyone.

Before you decide to have children, there are several things to consider:

1. Imagine Life with Kids: Reflect on your life as a couple and think about whether you truly want to change it. Unlike returning a dress, kids can’t be given back once they arrive. You’re in it for the long haul, so be absolutely sure you both want children.

2. Spend Time with Kids: Whether they’re nieces, nephews, or friends’ children, spend time with kids to get a sense of what it’s like.

3. Discuss Kids: Talk about kids with your partner regularly. Include them in your plans and conversations to see how having them might affect your life.

4. Financial Preparation: Raising kids is expensive. Make sure you’re financially ready to welcome a new member to your household. Consider opening a separate savings account for their future needs.

5. Long-Term Goals: Plan for your future as a family. Decide where you want to live, who will support the family financially, and how to handle financial stress.

6. Find Stability: Kids thrive in stable households, so decide where you want to raise them.

7. Pursue Career Goals: Achieve your career goals before having kids. You don’t want to regret trading your job title for diaper duty.

8. Seek Advice: Talk to parents, grandparents, friends, and others about their experiences with starting a family.

9. Build a Support System: Have a strong support system in place before having kids. Friends and family can provide parenting advice and help with babysitting.

10. Enjoy Adult Time: Dine at fancy, adult-only restaurants and savor long, quiet dinners before your family outings become TGI Fridays.

11. Live Together: Live together before deciding to have kids. It’s essential to understand each other’s habits and preferences.

12. Stay Fit: Being relatively fit and healthy will help you cope with the demands of parenthood.

13. Be Adventurous: Travel and explore new places before your freedom to relocate is limited by children.

14. Go on Adventures: Enjoy adventurous trips while you can, as traveling with children can be less exciting.

15. Splurge on Yourselves: Treat yourselves to special items and experiences before your resources are redirected towards your children.

16. Be Intimate Everywhere: Make the most of spontaneous intimacy, as it may become a rare occurrence once kids arrive.

17. Embrace Spontaneity: Relish spontaneity, because your life will soon be ruled by schedules.

18. Enjoy Vices (Then Quit): Indulge in vices, but remember to quit them before you have kids, as they demand responsible parenting.

19. Cherish Romance: Spend quiet, romantic moments together, as alone time may become scarce for the next 18 years.

Deciding to have children is a significant choice, and it’s essential to think it through carefully. While surprises can happen, if you have the opportunity to plan, make the most of it and make a well-informed decision.

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