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Timi Dakolo – Everyone Should Experience Pain That Purifies The Soul

Nigerian singer, Timi Dakolo, believes every human  should go through pain at a point in their life because it make them think and act better.

The artiste gave his reasons during a conversation with popular media personality Chude Jideonwo on the latest episode of the With Chude podcast, where he likened a person’s pain to a plant’s fertiliser.

He said, “Everybody should go through a certain level of pain because it purifies the soul. It’s like fertiliser. If you have not experienced a certain level of pain, there are certain things you can never know.

He made reference to the prodigal son.’ It was not the time he was enjoying the money. It was when it was finished, and he was eating pig food.”

The singer buttressed his point by referring to the pains of a woman in labour, stressing that it brings about a profound change in her. Dakolo referenced his song Omo Ayo, which highlighted his strength in the face of heartbreak and challenges, to drive home his point.

“I was telling my friend the other day that when a woman gives birth, labour pain changes her. After that, just watch the person; it does something to them. Either they swing to the far left or to the right. So you will choose. That’s the meaning of the ‘Omo Ayo.’ See, my heart and all its breakings, life and all its takings, I will still remain Omo Ayo,” he said.

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