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What Is Emotional Bullying and How To Overcome It

Bullying isn’t just something that happens on the school playground; it can happen among adults too, and it’s not always physical. Emotional bullying is a harmful form of manipulation that aims to control someone by making them feel fearful and small. The scars from emotional bullying can last a long time.

Emotional bullying involves saying and doing things to keep someone in their place, often through the use of fear. It’s all about having power over others and getting what you want by coercing them.

One of the worst things about emotional bullying is that it can be challenging to identify and stop. The effects can be long-lasting and widespread.

To recognize emotional bullying, watch for these signs:

  1. Talking Badly Behind Your Back: Emotional bullies often say mean things about you when you’re not around but act friendly to your face. This two-faced behavior makes it difficult for you to defend yourself.
  2. Fear of Reprisal: Emotional bullies control others through fear. They’ve bullied others before, and you don’t want to be their next target, so you keep quiet to avoid trouble.
  3. Always Having a Target: Emotional bullies need someone to put down to feel superior. They always find a target and make them feel less important.
  4. Vicious Attacks: Emotional bullies go to extremes in attacking their targets. They may reveal your deepest secrets, spread lies that harm your life, and wage aggressive campaigns against anyone who disagrees with them.
  5. Preying on the Weak: Emotional bullies target people who appear less confident or are eager to please. If you show any vulnerability, you become a target.
  6. Going Along with the Bully: Even if you know it’s wrong, you might go along with the bully’s actions and words because you don’t want to be their next victim.
  7. No One Challenges Them: People rarely stand up to emotional bullies. They may privately express fear but won’t confront the bully. This silence allows the bullying to continue.
  8. Fear of Being Their Enemy: Emotional bullies create an atmosphere where you feel you must be on their side. You don’t want to be against them, so you tolerate their behavior.
  9. Lack of Real Friendships: Emotional bullies may be popular but often lack genuine friendships. People stay around because of fear, not because they have real connections with the bully.
  10. Negative Atmosphere: When emotional bullies are around, the environment becomes tense and negative. People endure this atmosphere because they don’t want to be targeted.

Standing up to an emotional bully can be challenging and may have social consequences, but it’s essential to protect yourself. Remember, they already say hurtful things about you, so standing up gives you a chance to defend yourself. Don’t let fear keep you silent; call out the emotional bullying and break free from their control.

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