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Why I Won’t Do An Elaborate Wedding – Broda Shaggi

In a candid revelation, the renowned skit maker and actor, Samuel Animashaun Perry, popularly known as Broda Shaggi, has spilled the beans on his future marital plans, and it’s a departure from the grandiose weddings we often see. The thespian, in an exclusive interview with actress Iyabo Ojo, unveiled his take on love, family, and why he’s in no rush to walk down the aisle.

πŸ’’ Broda Shaggi’s No-Frills Philosophy: Small Wedding, Big Love! πŸ₯‚

For Broda Shaggi, the glitz and glamour of grand weddings are not his cup of tea. With a firm stance against elaborate ceremonies, he emphasized, “Even if I’m going to get married, I’m not a fan of big weddings.” The skit maestro values the intimacy of personal celebrations, keeping his private life away from the spotlight.

🀫 Guardian of Privacy: Broda Shaggi’s Personal Life Shielded from the Spotlight πŸ›‘οΈ

Known for his humorous skits that tickle our funny bones, Broda Shaggi takes a serious stance when it comes to his personal life. “I keep personal life out of social media space. Because my personal life is very important to me, and I just want to protect it,” he shared. In a world where oversharing is common, Broda Shaggi is determined to safeguard the sanctity of his private affairs.

πŸ‘°β€β™‚οΈ Love, Family, and a Gentle Reminder: No Need to Rush! πŸ’‘

While Broda Shaggi believes in the sanctity of love and family, he’s quick to highlight the importance of taking things at his own pace. “I’m going to have my own family by God’s grace but not very soon. There’s nothing like getting old. You don’t need to rush into marriage,” he advised, echoing the sentiment that true love is timeless and should unfold organically.

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