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“Why My Personality Type Can’t Win Big Brother” – Doyin

Recently evicted BBNaija housemate, Doyin, shared insights into why her personality type wouldn’t typically secure a victory in the popular reality TV show, Big Brother, during an interview with Findwhosabi Saturday Beats.

She disclosed that she entered the house without the expectation of winning due to her unique personality traits, which she describes as ‘a lot.’ According to her, she understood that her chances of winning were slim, but she aimed to showcase her authentic self and hoped to reach the finals.

Doyin also anticipated facing criticism from viewers on the outside due to her choice of words.

She clarified that contrary to viewers’ perceptions, she didn’t engage in gossip within the house because the housemates’ primary topic of discussion was usually about each other, given the lack of access to television and social media.

Regarding her relationship with Ilebaye, she explained that they were both part of the same season (Level Up) in 2022 but didn’t live together afterward. They only grew close when they met in the Big Brother house for the current season, as they had a shared background. However, certain misunderstandings strained their relationship during their time in the house, and Doyin expressed hope for resolving those issues once Ilebaye leaves the show.

She said: “We were on the same season (Level Up) in 2022, but we never lived together. Even after the season ended, we were not close. Meeting at in the house for the current season, getting close to her was a no-brainer because we were both from the same season.

“As a matter of fact, I saw her like my younger sister. However, certain things happened (that affected our relationship). In that house, it is very easy to misunderstand a lot of things.

“I felt like my friendship with her was not being appreciated or reciprocated. I am sure on her part, she also wasn’t okay with some things. I hope that when she comes out, we can sit down and resolve the issues. But, if that does not happen, I still love her regardless.”

Doyin emphasized that she doesn’t regret anything she said to her fellow housemates but noted that many of them had strong egos, contributing to conflicts in the house. She found it perplexing that some housemates believed they were being disrespected while they themselves failed to show respect.

In her words, “Everybody was feeling special; even those that were not that important. Some people felt that they were being disrespected because of the way they were spoken to. But, the irony is that they also were not respectful.

“That felt crazy to me, because if they did not want things like that, they should have stayed in their houses and not come for the show.”

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