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Yemi Blaq Breaks Silence: I’ve Never Raised My Hand Against a Woman

In a recent interview on the talk show “Talk To B” with Biola Adebayo, Nollywood actor Yemi Blaq opened up about his personal stance on relationships, shedding light on a topic rarely discussed in the public domain. The acclaimed actor revealed that he has never resorted to violence against any woman he has been with.

During the interview, Yemi Blaq shared his perspective on relationships and the potential harm that can result from physical aggression. He emphasized his commitment to maintaining a non-violent approach, even in situations where he felt pushed to the limit.

Yemi Blaq expressed his views on the dynamics of relationships, touching upon the subject of infidelity. He suggested that women often play a role in driving men to cheat, highlighting the curious nature of attraction even in unconventional situations.

He shared an intriguing analogy, stating, “If you put a he-goat on the television and he appears like 5 times, a lot of women will still write him letters to the DM of the he-goat.”

Recounting his family background, Yemi Blaq mentioned that his father, despite having a hot temper, never raised his voice or hand against his mother. This upbringing seemingly influenced the actor’s perspective on handling conflicts within relationships.

Yemi Blaq’s candid revelations provide a glimpse into his personal principles and the importance he places on non-violence in relationships, sparking conversations about healthy dynamics and mutual respect in romantic partnerships.

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