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Farmers and herders fight in Nasarawa, one person dies.

In Nasarawa state, a dispute between villagers and herders is said to have resulted in the death of one person and seriously injured a pastor in charge of a Baptist church.

According to a reporter’s inquiry, the terrible incident happened on Monday morning at Boher village, which is located in the Ningo/Boher electoral ward of the state’s Akwanga Local Government Area.
According to eyewitness testimony, the incident started because some adolescents assaulted some herders as they passed by the community plaza in Ningo with their cows. The residents and herders got into a fight as a result.

“When things heated up, two of the herders departed with their cows, and the herder who stayed got into a heated confrontation with the kids. The Baptist Church Boher’s head reverend attempted to step in, but the herder abruptly pulled out a sword and slashed the reverend in the head.
In response, the source said, “more villagers, especially youths, ran out in their numbers and pounced on the herder with a machete and killed him instantly.” When the reverend fell face down with blood streaming out, the youths shouted, thinking he was dead.

Steven Bello, the youth leader of the Ningo/Boher electoral ward, who confirmed the situation, expressed sadness for the incident and urged both his people and herders to refrain from enforcing rules by force.

Bello, who made a call for peace, praised Samson Gamu Yare, the traditional leader of the Mada people, the security personnel, and the chairman of the Akwanga Local Government Area for their quick action to head off the crisis.

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