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Mohbad’s Touching Proposal Video Emerges.

In a poignant moment that has touched many hearts, a video recently surfaced online, capturing the late Nigerian rapper and singer, MohBad, playfully proposing marriage to a lady. The emotional video, titled “The day MohBad proposed to his wife, Omowunmi Cynthia,” showcases a heartwarming and lighthearted moment

the late artist’s life.

In the video, MohBad is seen wearing a black suit, laughing joyfully while holding a ring. He then takes a playful turn as he goes down on one knee, asking the lady, “Will you marry me?” The atmosphere is filled with laughter and joy as those present respond to the endearing proposal.

Although the identity of the lady MohBad playfully proposed to remains uncertain, the video has resonated with fans, eliciting emotional responses. The comment section is flooded with messages from fans expressing their thoughts and sentiments, sharing in the joy and nostalgia of witnessing such a heartfelt moment from the late artist’s life.

As the video circulates, it serves as a touching reminder of the humanity and personal moments that made MohBad not just a talented artist but also a cherished individual in the hearts of his fans.

See some reactions below:

Big C🌹🇬🇭: “He is even wearing suit and slide oh God.”

Agnes sarfowa: “it’s Bella sister Fatima not wunmi.”

bolaokunola0: “But. why did they waste this boy like that. Can’t they just take what they wanted and leave him?”

Blessing Victor: “This Mohbad is funny o😂😂 very shy person.”

Beautify B✅💍🤍💘🧜: “His always happy 😩 and makes people smile too I really love ❤️u.”

boseilima: “do you notice that no ring he was giving playful moj.”

user7211636094376: “So funny imole you make my day, justice for imole 💡💡🇿🇲🙏🙏🇿🇲 justice for Young rapper super 🌟🌟💡 imole.”

ABIMBOLA ELIZABETH: “I miss you oba imole continue rest in peace.”

Shakers”delight: “see moh’ steps on suit ooo’ funny bone!!! much love mohbad.”

Empress vibo 💸👑🇳🇬🇸🇸: “awuu😘😘🥰🥰🥰❤️❤️❤️❤️see our Angel 👼 was so playful we soon getting u Justice Amen 🙏 keep resting well.”

cardo: “Don’t worry we knew all this, because mohbad said it that after you and your family, don’t kill him. You will now post it, so dey play. Wuwon.”

YA AllAH ,YA RAHIM: “ur people w will explain tire no evidence, Justice for mohbad, wunmii samlarry are the people that off the light.”


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