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Rejecting N20m Bribe: Husband of Jos Kidney Harvest Victim

In this interview, a Jos-based businessman, Busari Kamaru, talks to James Abraham about the alleged removal of his wife’s kidney by a fake doctor during a surgical operation.

James Abraham (Interviewer): What is your name?

Busari Kamaru: My name is Busari Kamaru. I’m a resident of Rikos community in the Jos North Local Government of Plateau State.

James Abraham: How old are you?

Busari Kamaru: I’m 51 years old.

James Abraham: What do you do for a living?

Busari Kamaru: I’m a businessman, and I also do car repairs.

James Abraham: You are currently at the center of a controversy surrounding an alleged harvesting of your wife’s kidney by a fake doctor during a surgical operation. How did it actually happen?

Busari Kamaru: What is happening at the moment to my wife could be traced back to January 26, 2018. On that fateful morning, my wife experienced severe abdominal pain and stomach ache. She needed to pay for my son’s school fees that day. Seeing her in pain, I decided to take her to a hospital for a scan to determine the cause of her discomfort. I didn’t want to simply buy medication without knowing the underlying issue. So, I took her to Murna Clinic and Hospital in our community, where I met Dr. Noah Kekere, the hospital’s head. He suggested conducting a scan, which I agreed to. After the scan, Dr. Kekere informed me that my wife had appendicitis and needed immediate surgery. I was initially reluctant, but he warned that her appendix could burst, posing a significant risk to her life. I eventually agreed, and we settled on a fee of N160,000. I had to gather N80,000 before the surgery could proceed, and it was scheduled for noon that day. My wife’s condition was critical, so I called my mother and my wife’s mother before the operation.

James Abraham: What happened after that?

Busari Kamaru: After collecting the N80,000, I returned to the hospital around noon, only to find my wife in the operating room with her intestines exposed. It was a distressing sight, and I couldn’t bear to look. At around 5 pm on the same day, the doctor called me into the theater to see what was happening. However, I couldn’t bring myself to witness the procedure, and I rushed out. Later, around 8 pm, my wife was moved to the ward. We spent a week at Murna Clinic and Hospital. Post-surgery, my wife had difficulty standing for almost four months. The doctor advised me to buy swan water for her to drink every morning for almost four months. After six months, she began experiencing abdominal pain on her right side again. We returned to the hospital, and another scan was performed. This time, the doctor prescribed medication that cost N17,350, but the pain persisted. About a month later, we went to the General Hospital, where we were told that her right kidney was missing. This revelation shocked us because Murna Hospital was the only facility where she had undergone surgery for abdominal pain. We decided to go back to Murna Hospital to address the issue.

James Abraham: What happened next?

Busari Kamaru: Upon our arrival at the hospital, we were informed that Dr. Kekere was in the operating theater. I raised concerns and contacted the police station for assistance.

James Abraham: What happened next?

Busari Kamaru: I reported the situation to the police station in our community. I met with the Divisional Police Officer (DPO) and explained everything to him. The DPO assigned a Deputy Chief Officer (DCO) and two inspectors to invite the doctor. When the doctor arrived, we showed him the results of the scan from Jos University Teaching Hospital, which indicated the absence of my wife’s right kidney. Dr. Kekere acknowledged the results but suggested that my wife may have been born with only one kidney. He recommended another CT scan to clarify the situation. We went to Fertile Ground Hospital for the CT scan, and the results indicated that my wife had indeed had her kidney removed. At this point, the police intervened, and negotiations were initiated.

James Abraham: Who tried to negotiate with you?

Busari Kamaru: It was Dr. Kekere and his associates who attempted negotiations. They offered a substantial sum of money to settle the matter.

James Abraham: What happened next?

Busari Kamaru: I refused to accept any form of negotiation. I informed them that I needed to consult with my wife’s family before making any decisions. I’m not easily swayed by money. I demanded justice and the return of my wife’s kidney.

James Abraham: How long have you been married to your wife?

Busari Kamaru: We’ve been married since November 26, 2005, and we have four children.

James Abraham: How is she doing now?

Busari Kamaru: Currently, she’s at home, in a lot of pain. She’s 45 years old, and we need help to save her life. The pain persists, and we’ve been informed that only three teaching hospitals in Nigeria can assist us: UCH Ibadan, Lagos University Teaching Hospital, or University of Nigeria Teaching Hospital in Nsukka, Enugu State. We’re considering taking her to Ibadan for proper treatment.

James Abraham: Have you been treated personally at Murna Hospital where your wife’s kidney was allegedly removed?

Busari Kamaru: No, I’ve never been treated there. My mother used to go to the hospital, and she convinced me that the doctor was competent and caring. We had no reason to suspect he was not a qualified doctor.

James Abraham: How have you been able to handle the issue in the community?

Busari Kamaru: The Yanshanu Community chairman, Alhaji Jamilu Baba, began an investigation into the matter. People were shocked because the doctor was trusted in the community. No one suspected he was not a qualified doctor. There were even cases of patients dying after surgery at the hospital, but nobody suspected foul play.

James Abraham: Are you satisfied with the way the police are handling the matter?

Busari Kamaru: For now, I would say I am satisfied, especially with the Nasarrawa Police station. The DPO of Nassarawa is a man of integrity. He refused to compromise and even turned down offers of money to cover up the case. That’s why the matter was elevated to the Commissioner of Police, who is also determined to ensure justice is served.

James Abraham: What are your demands?

Busari Kamaru: I seek justice. This man has been collecting money from me for the past five years, every month, and I have been spending money on my wife’s health. Now that we know it’s a kidney issue, I am at a loss for how to afford her treatment. I wake up every day fearing for her life, wondering where I will find the money for her kidney replacement. They are talking about millions of naira. How do I get that amount? Last year, when I told this doctor enough was enough,

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